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Guiding wilderness immersions into the wilds of psyche and mystery to discover soul purpose, personal transformation, transformational leadership.

Sounds True
Sounds True offers transformational programs to help you live a more genuine, loving and meaningful life.

Home - Brené Brown
Courage is contagious. Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver. Researcher. Storyteller. Texan.

Nutritional Psychiatry: Your brain on food - Harvard Health Blog
The emerging field of nutritional psychiatry is finding that the food you eat... a worsening of symptoms of mood disorders, such as depression.

Guided Meditations - Tara Brach
Guided meditations are offered freely by Tara Brach, Ph.D, psychologist, author and teacher of meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening.

Wild Mind - A Field Guide to the Human Psyche | Bill Plotkin